Complete Guide On What To Do If You’ve Lost Your Iqama (Saudi ID) (irrelevant)

In Saudi Arabia, the Iqama is a residence visa that allows foreign residents to live and work in the country. In other words, the Iqama or Saudi ID is an essential identity document for any foreigner who is in the country. Losing your Iqama can be a difficult and very stressful situation. If you do not have the document you can face fines, arrests, or even deportation. That is why it is very important to know how to act if you go through an Iqama lost situation.

In this article, we will explain the steps you have to follow to report the loss of your Iqama. To do this, you have to request a duplicate and avoid problems with the authorities. In addition, we will give you some tips to prevent your Iqama from being lost and to protect your personal information. We hope that this guide is useful to you and that you can recover your Iqama as soon as possible.

Costs and Fines for Losing Iqama

iqama lost

The lost iqama penalty 2022 will depend on certain factors that will be shown below:

  • Firstly, if your Iqama is stolen and you report it to the police within the next few hours, you will not have to pay any charges.
  • If you lose Iqama for the first time, you will have to pay SR 1,000.
  • If you lose Iqama for the second time, you will have to pay SR 2,000.
  • Finally, lose Iqama for the third time, you will have to pay SR 3,000.

Therefore, it is important that you make sure that you do not lose your Iqama if you do not want to pay these fines. Furthermore, it is vital that you always check the status of your Iqama if you do not want to face other types of fines.

How to Never Lose Your Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

The Iqama is an essential residence permit in Saudi Arabia, which is why it is important to keep it safe. Below, you will see some tips that can help you avoid Iqama lost.

Keep your Iqama with you at all times: It is important that you have your Iqama with you at all times. Not only to avoid the Iqama lost but also because it is mandatory to present it when requested. If you lose your residence visa, you have to inform the authorities immediately.

Renew Iqama on time: You have to make sure to renew your Iqama before the expiration date. If you do not, you may face fines, penalties, and other legal problems.

Update your data constantly: If you change your job or address, you have to update your data in Iqama. Otherwise, you may face fines, penalties, and other legal problems.

Keep a copy of your Iqama: It is an excellent idea to have a copy of your Iqama in case you lose the original. You can make a paper copy or save a digital copy, so you have a backup in case you go through a lost Iqama.

If you go through a lost Iqama situation, it is important to know what the benefits of making a quick replacement are. Below, you will look at all of these benefits in depth, highlighting the crucial role of quick action in resolving this situation.

  • Peace of mind
  • Smooth transactions
  • Avoid legal complications.
  • Improved mobility
  • Resume employment.
  • Financial stability
  • Gatherings and meetings
  • Reduce stress
  • Access educational activities.
  • Improve security.
  • Access family stability.
  • Participate in social activities.
  • Business opportunities.
  • Property transactions
  • Easy access to services.
  • Travel flexibility.
  • Community integration.
  • Being able to develop yourself professionally.
  • Emotional well-being.

Step-by-Step Guide on What to Do Next

Now, what will I do if I lose my Iqama, for this you must follow the following steps that will be useful to you:

Paying Fine Through E-Banking

The government in Saudi Arabia recently updated its system. The purpose of this is to provide the opportunity to its citizens and foreign residents to resolve their queries with the Iqama. These operations can be carried out through an online portal and carry out online transactions through internet banking.

You are probably wondering if you get the Iqama Lost, where you have to pay the fine through your mobile bank account. Below, you will see the process of paying the Iqama fine through Internet banking.

  • First step: In order to pay the lost Iqama fine, login to your online bank account. There you have to click on the payments option, which is displayed on the screen. You have to keep in mind that normally all banks follow the same procedure. That is why we choose the most common method of electronic banking.
  • Second step: In the payment drop-down list, you have to select the SADAT option. Later, you will see many options from which you have to enter the Government Payment and Refund option.
  • Third step: Afterwards, you have to click on alien control and then on replace Iqama.
  • Fourth step: Now, you will see the option to cancel the registration on the screen in the upper left corner and below the Iqama ID.
  • Fifth step: You have to click on cancel registration and then enter your Iqama number and then tap on request payment rate.
  • Sixth step: Later, you will see the fine of 1000 Saudi riyals in the fare amount block. When you see it you have to click accept to continue with the procedure.
  • Seventh step: At the finish, you will see the quote on the screen that says dear customer, your payment was received correctly.

Paying Fine Through ATM Machine

Another method to pay an Iqama lost fine is through the ATM. In addition, it is a simple method, but you have to go to an ATM and make your transaction. Below, you will see all the steps to be able to pay the fines through this method.

  • First step: You have to enter your ATM card into the machine and select the English language.
  • Second step: Subsequently, you have to enter your account code number at the ATM.
  • Third step: You have to check if your available balance is sufficient. To do this, you have to click on balance inquiry.
  • Fourth step: If you have 1000 Saudi riyals or more, perfect, otherwise you have to click deposit.
  • Fifth step: Once you have the money in the account you have to click on the bill payment button.
  • Sixth step: At this point, you will see many options, but you just have to click next and then select replace Iqama.
  • Seventh step: You have to select the pay option and then enter the Iqama ID number.
  • Eighth step: Upon successfully entering your Iqama number, you will see your Iqama ID and the fare amount on the next screen. Now, you have to click on the pay button exactly and tap on the yes option. This is the last step to successfully pay the Iqama lost fine.

Inform your Sponser

This is the most important step and that is to inform your sponsor about the Iqama lost if you find it after a reasonable search. This procedure must be followed by the sponsor. There are two possible types of sponsors, which are:

  • Employee sponsor: Company GRO/Kafeel.
  • Dependent Sponsor: Head of household.

File a Complaint

If your Iqama was stolen, you must visit the nearest police station and file a report about your lost Iqama. Also, this along with the sponsor if the Iqama is stolen. In this way, you will be asked to write a request in Arabic explaining how you missed the Iqama. In cases of theft, you do not have to pay any fee.

However, if you lose your Iqama, you will not need a police report. In this way, the police report is only made if the reason for the loss is theft. Otherwise, you must pay your respective fine.

Fees for Lost Iqama

If your Saudi Iqama is lost you must pay the appropriate fee. Therefore, if your Iqama was stolen you will not have to pay any fee if you report it to the police within 24 hours of its loss. However, if this is not the reason for your loss, you will have to pay the corresponding fees.

  • First, if you lose for the first time: 1,000 SR.
  • Lost for the second time: SR 2,000.
  • Lost for the third time: 3,000 SR.

Arrange Required Documents

Now, your employer has to visit the Jawazat office Iqama with a set of documents to get your new Iqama in replacement of the lost Iqama. This applies to the Iqamas of employees. In case a dependent’s Iqama is lost, you must create a PDF file containing the following documents:

  • A Jawazat appointment for the purpose of resident services.
  • You must download the Iqama form and complete it in Arabic.
  • If applicable, you must add the police report.
  • Pay the corresponding Iqama replacement fee.
  • A copy of the dependent’s Iqama and passport.
  • A copy of the Iqama and passport of the head of the family.

Visit Jawazat Office

After all this process, you have to visit the Jawazat Office along with the company representative. For this reason, you must be well prepared and bring the documents presented below.

  • A copy of the Iqama card.
  • Original passport and a copy of it.
  • A completed Iqama issuance form and 2 attached passport-size photographs.
  • A copy of the police report.
  • Receipt of Iqama fees and traffic violations or payment of fines.

Getting New Iqama

iqama lost

With all documents sent to the Jawazat office, you must provide your fingerprints. After this, they will verify all your traffic violations. If you are lucky, after completing all the procedures you will receive your Iqama card the same day or the next business day. Also, remember to renew your Iqama if it is close to its expiration date.

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