Business Setup in Saudi Arabia

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Business Setup in Saudi Arabia

Services Offered by Saudi Company Formation

We specialize in offering corporate professional business services for your Business Setup in Saudi Arabia while maintaining the great level of expertise in the domain.

Open a Branch in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Company Formation facilitates the process of establishing a branch of your business in Saudi Arabia. Whether you're a foreign corporation or a local company looking to expand, we ensure a seamless setup process.

Virtual Office in Saudi Arabia

Get a business address in Saudi Arabia, enhancing your company's professional image. We handle mail forwarding and telephone answering, allowing you to maintain a presence without physical office space.

Accounting Services in Saudi Arabia

Our comprehensive accounting services in Saudi Arabia cover all aspects of financial management, including:

● Bookkeeping
● Financial Statement Preparation and Filing
● Tax Consulting and Advisory

Payroll Services in Saudi Arabia

Our payroll and HR services are tailored to meet your specific needs in Saudi Arabia. We handle payroll processing, employee benefits, and compliance with labor regulations, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Immigration Services in Saudi Arabia

We assist with various immigration services in Saudi Arabia, including visa processing for different purposes:

● Student Visas
● Business Visas
● Work Permits

Visa Services in Saudi Arabia

We specialize in visa services to meet your residency and investment needs in Saudi Arabia, offering temporary and permanent residency visas, as well as investor visas.

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Register Your Company in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Company Formation is your trusted partner for initiating your business venture in Saudi Arabia, ensuring 100% compliance with labor regulations and an in-depth understanding of Saudi labor laws. Our expertise is your key to success. Under the New Companies Regulations, we offers various types of companies suitable for both local and foreign entrepreneurs:

● Joint Liability Company
● Establishment/Sole Proprietorship
● Limited Partnership Company
● Joint Venture
● Joint Stock Company (JSC)
● Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Additionally, there are special business forms tailored for foreign companies seeking to operate in the local market:

● Branch Office
● Representative Office

Let us guide you through the process of registering your company in Saudi Arabia, ensuring a smooth and compliant start to your business journey.

Process for Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

The Process of Business Setup in Saudi Arabia is easier and a hassle free with us.

Reserve a unique name for your company with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MOCI).

Prepare the company's Articles of Association outlining its governance structure and shareholder rights.

Securing the Certificate of Registration (CR) and tax number.

Municipality registration and bank account opening.

Register your employees with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.

Steps for Company Formation in Saudi Arabia, KSA

We undergo three steps for setting up the company for you in Saudi Arabia

Step One

We shall understand your requirement

We shall guide you through the process of company formation in Saudi Arabia and ensure that it's a hassle-free experience for you. Let us help you establish your company in Saudi Arabia today so you can focus on growing your business.

Step two

Send us all the Required Documents

We'll guide you through the required documents for your business setup in Saudi Arabia and provide a list of necessary documents. We'll also assist you with the entire company registration process. Get in touch with us today to get started.

Step three

We shall Setup the Business for you

We'll handle everything necessary to set up your business in Saudi Arabia, including obtaining licenses, registering your company, and opening a bank account. With our help, you can establish your business quickly and easily. Let us take care of the setup process for you so you can focus on your business goals.

Specialized in Business Setup Saudi Arabia.

We are specialized in providing Business setup services for you with the Tons of experience in the background.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently added questions for the Company formation or the Business Setup in Saudi Arabia

    Yes, foreigners that are looking for an electric and diverse environment to start a business can do their Business setup in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a thriving marketplace that covers various industries. From agricultural and manufacturing to services and pharmaceuticals.

    Company formation in Saudi Arabia can be an easy process if you have the right business consultancy agency by your side. When you have the support of an agency like ours, you can take advantage of all the services they offer. Letting them worry about the possible challenges and inconveniences.

    Business setup in Saudi Arabia is an overwhelming process. However, when you are being backed up by a great consultancy agency, it can be less stressful. These agencies have the necessary experience to deal with any kind of inconvenience. They have the insight to know where to direct their efforts to make you succeed in this market.

    Company formation in Saudi Arabia’s cost varies depending on various factors, such as the nature of your business, size, number of employees, and location of your headquarters. Moreover, for starting a company in Saudi Arabia you will need a minimum capital required by the law. For example, to open a Limited Liability Company or LLC, you will need a minimum capital of SAR 500.000. With our support, you can start your Saudi Arabia business setup and stay withing budget. 

    In addition to the minimum capital required for company formation in Saudi Arabia, you will need to pay some extra fees to obtain the required licenses. For instance, the SAGIA license will cost you around SAR 2.000 and some other certificates will cost you from SAR 1.500 to SAR 8.500. Also, to open your bank account you must have at least SAR 100.000 for the initial deposit for your LLC.

    To know more about the cost of business setup in Saudi Arabia you can get in touch with us and one of our dedicated agents will make sure to answer any of your business-related queries.

    To invest in the Saudi Arabian market, you can communicate with a business consultancy agency to let them know about your desire to start a company here. As a result, they will make a proper reunion with you to know more about your investment plans in the region. Furthermore, they will give you the necessary advice to let you know what business structure will benefit you the most according to the field that you want to invest in.

    Consequently, once you hire their services, they will start working alongside you to start your process of company formation in Saudi Arabia. These agencies will make sure that you compile all the necessary paperwork to submit to the pertinent authorities so you can register your new business. Furthermore, they will focus on making sure that your business setup process in KSA goes as swiftly as possible.

    A business consultancy agency will provide you with services that will allow your business to develop quickly. Therefore, you can focus on growing and expanding your company to new areas while your agency takes care of any other managerial task. These agencies can help you with many responsibilities, such as HR management, payroll outsourcing, employees’ benefits, visas, legal services, insurance, and more.

    Yes, online businesses are allowed in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to the new reforms announced in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, now there are limitless opportunities for foreigners to operate and own companies in Saudi Arabia.

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