How to Get Saudi Employment Visa, Everything You Need to Know

Take control of financial situation by acquiring the perfect opportunity towards your accomplished career.  Get your earning skyrocketed in the city where the work-life balance will keep you on your career track. You can strengthen the connection with the global market and get the access to the pool of new opportunities. However, you can proceed with you planning unless you get the Saudi employment visa. This allows you to lay foundation of your employment.  Gain all the necessary information from this article that help you get sorted with the process.

What is a Saudi Employment Visa?

The expatriates are allowed to work in Saudi Arabia but they must secure a Saudi Employment Visa, also known as Iqama. Along with this, you will further require an employer who offers you a job and sponsorship. Once the ministry of labor gets the application from the relevant employer, you will receive authorization number. After this, fulfill all the additional  paperwork and contact any Saudi embassy in your country. The complete procedure might take many weeks and be rather intricate.

Importance of Employment Visa in KSA

An Employment Visa, also known as an Iqama, is absolutely crucial for working legally in Saudi Arabia. Here’s why it’s important:

  • Legality: It grants you official permission to reside and work in the Kingdom. Without it, you’d be working illegally and risk penalties.
  • Work Authorization: The visa allows you to be employed by a specific Saudi company in a designated position.
  • Residency Permit: It functions as a residency permit, enabling you to live in Saudi Arabia for the duration of your employment contract (which is renewable).
  • Travel: The visa allows you to travel in and out of Saudi Arabia for work purposes, often requiring an additional exit/re-entry permit.

In short, the Employment Visa is essential for foreigners to participate in Saudi Arabia’s workforce and live there legally.

Requirements to Obtain Saudi Arabia Employment Visa

Consider the following steps when fulfilling the requirements. This clear guide will help you achieve your employment visa along with getting a satisfactory job in UAE.

Find Employment

Your Saudi Arabian employer must start the procedure for you to get a Saudi Employment Visa. They will request an authorization number for their visa. You can then apply for the visa itself at the Saudi embassy in your place of residence when they get that. A signed work contract, your diploma, a medical report, and your passport are common examples of documents.

Employer-sponsored initiatives:

To get a Saudi employment visa, one must be sponsored by an employer. Your Saudi employer must apply for a visa authorization number at the Ministry of Labor as the first step. Once you have this number, you may visit the Saudi embassy in your nation to submit a formal visa application.

Required Documents

Obtaining a Saudi labor visa requires a number of papers.

  • A signed job contract, copies of your school transcripts
  • a medical report
  • passport valid for at least six months are required.
  • Additionally, the employer will supply a letter that has been verified by the appropriate Saudi authorities.

Medical Fitness Test

You will be required to pass a medical fitness exam in order to be granted a Saudi Employment Visa.

  • A chest X-ray, blood tests for infectious illnesses
  • a licensed physician’s examination, and maybe a urinalysis and stool test are all part of this procedure.
  • Your medical history will also be reviewed by the physician.
  • All of this guarantees that you are healthy and free of infectious illnesses.

Visa Approval

The processing of your visa is not based just on your paperwork. An authorization number for a visa is first obtained by your employer from the Ministry of Labor, which is involved. After they get it, your embassy application is examined for final approval along with the necessary documentation. This two-step procedure guarantees that the sponsoring company’s validity and your qualifications are verified.

Processing Timeline to Get Saudi Work Visa

Depending on where you live, the length of time it takes to complete a Saudi work visa might vary, but it usually consists of two steps: applying for the visa and getting a visa authorization number.

Step 1: Ministry of Labor Authorization (Number for Visa Authorization)
The Saudi Ministry of Labor receives an application for a work visa from your company in Saudi Arabia, which starts the procedure.

The duration of this first phase may vary from several weeks to two months, contingent upon variables such as the intricacy of the application and the prevailing workload.

Step 2: Embassy/Consulate Processing (Visa Issuance)

Once the Ministry of Labor approves, they notify the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who issues a Visa Authorization Number.

You can then submit your visa application to the relevant Saudi embassy or consulate in your home country along with required documents.

The time taken by the embassy for the proceedings can vary from 1-3 weeks.

Following approval, the Ministry of Labor notifies the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which then provides a Visa Authorization Number.

After getting completed with the previous setup, you can proceed with submission of documents to the relevant embassy or consulate that is accessible in your area.

One to three weeks may pass during the embassy or consulate’s processing period.


Securing the job in Saudi Arabia demands permits from the employers and employees, the above mentioned procedure is quicker to follow and easier to access. Now you know how to get Saudi employment visa so prepare beforehand. Get ready to embrace the cultural richness of royal environment and set the lavish lifestyle along with the proper job security. For such insightful blogs, stay connected with us.

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