Residence visa for family members in Saudi Arabia

Many foreigners immigrate to Saudi Arabia thanks to several opportunities of working here and making a profit. Nevertheless, immigrating to Saudi Arabia often means leaving family behind for business opportunities. Nevertheless, there is a way around it. Foreigners can obtain a residence visa for family members. This residence visa allows them to move with them to Saudi Arabia.

In this article, we will talk about everything needed to obtain a residence visa for test cypionate for sale your family. The main way to help your family move into Saudi Arabia is with a residence visa. A family residence visa allows your family to visit you and join you in the country. Moreover, it also works the other way around, meaning you can also join family members with it.

  1. What exactly is a residence visa?
  2. How can you obtain a residence visa in Saudi Arabia?
  3. Documents needed for a Saudi Arabia residence visa
  4. What is a family residency visa?
  5. How can we help you obtain a residence visa for your family?

What exactly is a residence visa?

Before talking about the residence visa for a family, we must know what a residence visa is. As implied by its name a residence visa is a permit that the government issues to foreigners that desire to move either temporarily or permanently into Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, there are several types of visas foreigners can apply for. Each visa has a different use and, some of them are for tourists, others for investors, etc.

Nevertheless, as Saudi Arabia is constantly changing, many rules change over the years. This includes residence visa procedures, making it hard to obtain concrete information about it.

In 2019, the Saudi Kingdom launched a “Premium Residency Program” for the reform plan that the country has that they call “Vision 2030”. The main objective of this program is to allow certain ex-pats to reside in Saudi Arabia without needing a sponsor. Thanks to this, many foreigners can also obtain a Saudi family visa.

Under this new system, ex-pats that are eligible have several rights. For instance, these are:

  • The right to residence thanks to a residence visa such as a residence visa for family members.
  • The right to sponsor a visit and Saudi residence visa.
  • Being able to own property and a private vehicle in Saudi Arabia.
  • Investing in some Saudi Arabian businesses. Furthermore, they can also work in private companies and change to certain jobs.
  • The right to hire workers from abroad.
  • Lastly, the right to exit or re-enter the country whenever needed without needing a sponsor.

Some basic requirements

Furthermore, this program allows ex-pats to obtain 2 different types of residence visas. These are for temporary and renewable residency in Saudi Arabia. However, to obtain a residence visa, company formation agents recommend ex-pats fulfill the following requirements:

  • Being at least 21 years old.
  • Having a valid passport.
  • Being financially stable.
  • Having a clean criminal record.
  • Having a medical report that certifies fitness.

How can you obtain a residence visa in Saudi Arabia?

The process of obtaining a Saudi family visa varies depending on several factors. Nevertheless, in almost all cases, several steps stay the same. Here is a step-by-step guide to obtaining a residence visa for your family. The guide consists of 4 main steps.

First step:  Obtain a letter of invitation

The first step is to apply and obtain a letter of invitation. The government authority in charge of issuing this invitation is the Saudi MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). However, you cannot apply for a residence visa for your family or yourself. To be able to obtain this letter, you will need to send your passport details to your host. Afterward, the host will visit one of the MOFA offices to request an invite.

After the host gets authorized, the government authority will fax the letter to the Royal Embassy of your country.

Second step: Complete and compile the required documentation

The second step to obtaining a residence visa for a family in Saudi Arabia is to complete and compile all required documentation. If you work with us, we recommend you scan and send copies of all documentation to our company formation agents. That way, they ensure they are in the correct order before you apply for it.

Third step: Send all items to our professionals

The third step is to send all required items to our agents. Just contact us, and when we receive your package we will proceed to apply for the visa immediately.

Last step: sending the complete package to the Saudi Arabian embassy in your country

Lastly, if you decide to work with us, we will send the complete package with the documents to the closest embassy in your country. We will notify you the moment they approve the application. Furthermore, we will also send the approved residence visa for your family as well as your passport via special delivery.

Documents needed for a Saudi Arabia residence visa

As we previously mentioned, there are several documents you need to submit to be able to apply for a residence visa. However, most of the time, many foreigners do not know which documents they need. The documents that you need to obtain a residence visa for family members in Saudi Arabia are:


One of the main documents required to apply for and obtain a residence visa for your family is the passport. This passport should, at least, be 6 months beyond the entry date´s proposal as well as have 2 blank visa pages. The passport needs to be in good condition as well as machine-readable.

Medical insurance

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia requires this document for the resident visa procedure. Every applicant must purchase medical insurance from a provider that is approved. You can directly obtain medical insurance with us by applying for one of our packages.

Proof of relationship

You also need to submit proof of relationship. Furthermore, you also need to submit the following supporting documents:

  • The applicant´s original birth certificate. However, before you submit it, the Saudi Arabian Embassy of your country must certify it.
  • The original marriage certificate. The Saudi Arabian Embassy of your country also needs to certify it.
  • A copy of the information pages of the host´s passport. This also needs to include the residency stamp.

Letter of Invitation

As we previously mentioned, you also need a letter of invitation to the country. As we also mentioned at the last point, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues this letter of invitation. The procedure to obtain this letter is also extensive. If you want to obtain a letter of invitation, contact us and we will provide our services.


To obtain a family residence visa, you need to submit photographs. This document is needed for any type of visa, so evidently, if you want to obtain a Saudi family visa, you also require them for yourself or your family members. You need a 35×45 millimeters passport-sized color photograph. Furthermore, you need to take them within the last 3 months as well as being against a white background.

Moreover, you also need to print them on high-quality photo paper, showing a full frontal view of the applicant´s head. The face of the applicant should be centered in the middle. The country does not allow any spectacles or headwear in the photo unless it is for religious purposes. Lastly, the photograph should not have any adhesive or staples.

Proof of travel arrangements

Another document you need for family reunification from Saudi Arabia with a visa is proof of travel arrangements. With this, we refer to having a copy of the flight confirmation to the country as well as return tickets to the country of origin if applicable.

Visa application form

A visa application form is considered one of the main documents to obtain a family residence visa. With this document, you need to fill the application with complete and accurate information. Other key guidelines you need to follow are:

  • Using only black only.
  • Fill the form in block letters.
  • The applicant itself is the only one that can fill out the form.
  • You cannot change your handwriting or use correction fluid on the application.
  • You need to complete all sections of the application.

Medical certificates

For this document, the applicant´s doctor needs to sign and stamp the original medical certificate form. Applicants need to provide this along with the application form. Furthermore, other guidelines you need to follow are:

  • The applicant only needs this certificate if they are planning to stay longer than 2 months in Saudi Arabia.
  • The country of origin should issue it within the past 3 months.
  • You need to include the address of the surgery and the phone number on the certificate.

Standard criminal record certificate

Lastly, you require an original police certificate to finish the procedure to obtain a residence visa for your family. This certificate states that the applicant does not have any criminal history. The country of origin needs to issue this certificate within the last month. Furthermore, the Saudi Arabian Embassy of your country must certify this document.

What is a family residency visa?

As we mentioned previously, there are several types of residency visas in Saudi Arabia. One of these types is the Saudi family visa, which allows you to live with your family inside Saudi Arabia. This can also go the other way around, meaning your family members apply for a family visa to immigrate to the country and live with you. In other words, this visa is the easiest way to obtain a residence visa.

Nevertheless, you cannot sponsor every single family member, there are some limitations on which family members you can sponsor. The permitted relatives include spouses, sons (only if they are under 18 years old), and unmarried daughters. Furthermore, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs must authorize the sponsoring resident before the applicant applies for the resident visa. Furthermore, the sponsor must have a minimum salary of SAR 3.500.

Lastly, there are limitations on which professionals can apply for a residence visa for families. For instance, some of them include, but are not limited to:

  • Several professions are related to consulting, management, and directory services.
  • Professions related to specialists such as lab, customs, gardening, breeding, and aquatic specialists.
  • Technicians

How can we help you obtain a residence visa for your family?

Saudi Company Formation seeks to offer its services to foreigners that want to immigrate to Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, we also help you obtain a visa for your family and help them move to Saudi Arabia. Moreover, our agents will be able to help you set up a business in Saudi Arabia. Our services can help you with anything Saudi-related. In addition to this, we have everything you need regarding immigration services.

We understand that getting started in a new country is a difficult task. For this reason, our immigration solutions include aspects like relocation, visa services, and even starting new businesses in the country. With a wide range of services for investors, we can help them with matters such as business setup, freelancing, and even the opening of a branch in Saudi Arabia; plus so much more.

Would you like to know more about a Saudi residence visa for your family in Saudi Arabia or other types of visas? If you have any questions, contact us at +971 58 515 8876 or email us at There, you will be able to contact our professionals and clarify all doubts related to family reunification from Saudi Arabia.

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