Essential Guide to Saudi Multiple Visa Fees, Process, and More.

The general impression of Saudi Arabia, a country full of ancient history, cultural wealth, and astonishing nature, attracts people from around the planet. If you intend on going to the country several times a year to discover the wide range of the Kingdom’s offerings, a long stay multiple visa Saudi was designed with you in mind.

This article will help you with the process of getting a multiple Visa Saudi Arabia. By explaining what is multiple visa. Also, diving into the docket of requirements, document checklists, application processes and essential things like periods of validity and restrictions. Through this article, you can go on your discovery of Saudi Arabia unraveling new experiences.

Brief overview of multiple visa Saudi

multiple visa saudi

Saudi Arabia, a country filled with historical heritage, cultural diversity, and breathtaking sights. It welcomes travelers from all corners around the world to explore this beautiful land. In case you have a plan of having multiple visits in a year to the Kingdom’s countless attractions, you should know what is multiple visa.

Under this category, tourist visas are issued. Which primarily allows the visitors to travel frequently, but some respective business visas are also issued as multiple visa Saudi, it facilitates the process of frequent business needs.

Eligibility Criteria

However, bearing the eligibility for the multiple visa does not allow everybody. Next, we describe some aspects that you need to consider before applying:

Nationality Matters:

  • Visa-Waiver Programs: Specific countries have developed mutually beneficial visa-waiver regimes with the Saudi leadership. Which ease up the burden of visa application for short stays.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Criteria for specific eligibility may be set up for visa applicants based on their nationality. These criteria may differ among countries and they can include items such as security clearance and reciprocal agreements between countries.

Visa Type:

The kind of visa you are after also plays a big part. Multiple visa Saudi do indeed exist; however, they are usually provided for certain types of visas. Such as tourist visas but not for the other categories of visas. For example, it does not apply for work visas and student visas.

Who qualifies for a multiple visa?

Eligibility can vary depending on your specific situation. Here are some general criteria that can increase your chances of obtaining a multiple-entry visa:

  • Citizenship: For a country with established visa arrangements with Saudi Arabia, allowing you to apply for a visa in the first place. Countries with a high volume of tourism or strong economic ties with Saudi Arabia might have more favorable visa policies for their citizens.
  • Visa Type: Applying for a tourist or business visa with a multiple-entry option. Availability depends on your nationality and the specific visa type. Researching the visa options available for your nationality is crucial in determining your eligibility for a multiple visa Saudi.

By understanding these eligibility factors, you can make an informed decision about whether a multiple visa Saudi is the right choice for your travel plans.

Document requirements and prerequisites

The specific documents needed for appending multiple-entries visa application for Saudi Arabia depend on your nationality and the type of visa you need. However, to ensure a smooth application process, it is wise to be prepared with the following general documentation:

  • Valid Passport: Your passport is the expected travel document as indication of your identity and citizenship. Six months validity should start from your planned arrival date in Saudi Arabia. Please verify to have enough blank pages in your passport for any entry and exit stamps.
  • Completed Application Form: The application form can be downloaded from the eVisa portal or the embassy/­consulate website. Complete the form correctly without blank or spelling mistakes. Ensuring that all your name and other personal details such as date of birth match exactly with those in your passport.
  • Proof of Travel Insurance: It is necessary for you to bring certificates indicating that you have travel insurance that is valid for the whole length of your stay while in Saudi Arabia.

Additional Documents:

  • When applying for tourist visas, a flight itinerary with confirmation of stay for the period of your travel is necessary. A clear itinerary acts as a guide. In addition, it will highlight the purpose of your visit to the country.
  • If applying for a business visa, include an invite letter addressed to the Saudi Arabian visa authorities. Including the reason for your visit, the desired duration, and future business activities.
  • Verifications that indicate the receiving company is credible. This could mean having the document of the business license or certificate of incorporation in the booklet.
  • The documents that describe the type of your business in your home country and the cause of your journey to Saudi Arabia.

Application Process

Different countries have different options for how people can apply for eVisas, or electronic visas. The best method for you will be based on your nationality. Whether you require a special type of visa, and the options available during the application process.

Online Application (eVisa Portal):

  • Especially designed for the nationalities that have e-Visa access various times for visitors’ purposes.
  • Facilitates ease of access, offers an optional online platform, and is user friendly.
  • The savings in time could be tremendous, as the applicant would not have to wait for the embassy/consulate appointment.

Embassy/Consulate Application:

  • Mandatory for nationalities or categories of visas which are not eligible for obtaining eVisa.
  • Business visas may be required to be renewed along with the issuance of special documents.
  • Long waiting times may be involved in the process. The submission of application may be in-person, which could also introduce longer processing times.

Before proceeding with either application type, seek guidance and information on the detailed necessities concerning your situation. The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and the sites of the Saudi embassies and consulates are good sources of up-to-date information.

Learning what the procedure of the visa application is and what will be good for your situation will help you to avoid hurdles. As a result, eventually getting a multiple-entry visa for your coming Saudi Arabia trip.

Online application process

Several nationalities can go through the Saudi eVisa website to have an efficient and straightforward application process. Through this user-friendly site, you can step-by-step submit your application without much stress or difficulty by direct electronic means. Here is what you can expect:

  • Accessibility: The eVisa portal can be accessed anytime and from any location with an internet connection. Therefore, providing you with flexibility to submit your application any time of day.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: The platform offers simple procedures with reminders placed at the time of completion of each section. This is to confirm that no vital step is overlooked.
  • Electronic Document Upload: Now you can send all your document required paper in electronic and secured format. This way, physical submission will no longer be the case.
  • Online Payment: The platform mainly processes the online payments via the credit or debit cards. Hence, the process of fees payment is faster.
  • Application Status Tracking: The eVisa portal allows you to track the status of your application online. Providing updates on its progress.

Required documents

To ensure a successful online application for a Saudi Arabian multiple-entry visa, you will need to submit scanned copies of the following documents through the eVisa portal:

  • Valid Passport: Passport scan. It must have at least half a year validity and existing.
  • Passport-Size Photo: Digital photo at the specified size and format.

Optional Supporting Documents:

  • Round-trip flight booking confirmation
  • Hotel reservation or hosting confirmations too (conditions)
  • Coming along with a letter of employment and bank statement from your sponsor if necessary.

Processing time

Processing times for a multiple visa Saudi application can vary depending on the chosen method:

In most cases, these internet applications are often completed in a shorter time frame. This is because the electronic system processes them more efficiently. The application can take between a few days. Count on a possible delay, to avoid unexpected situations.

Realizing the estimated processing time that you will use for your preferred application is one of the vital steps to make a successful trip preparation. Here is how it impacts your planning:

  • Apply Well in Advance: Do not leave for the very last moment. Make sure you apply for one well in advance of your proposed departure date. In particular, for trips scheduled during shoulder season or for business travelers with tight deadlines. When assessing the processing time consider adding it to your schedule in order to be granted a visa on time prior to your departure.
  • Consider Buffer Time: Although the eVisa website is accessible from anywhere and the processing times are faster, it is always a good idea to leave some space between the planned time of your trip and when you depart. The fact that unforeseen circunstancies can come anytime is the reason why having flexibility in your schedule is essential, in case you would not be late for your next flight.

Through the realization of the processing timeframes and carefully planning your trip ahead of time, you will enter the process of obtaining your visa for Saudi Arabia with confidence.

Fees and Costs

Getting into Saudi Arabia with a multiple-entry visa is a financial issue itself. The multiple visa Saudi Arabia price will depend on several factors:

  • Nationality: Depending on your nationality, the costs of visas can differ. For instance, there could be countries that have already stated visa fee reciprocity agreements with Saudi Arabia. This could entail reduced costs for their citizens.
  • Visa Type: Whether you are seeking a tourist or business visas also have a major influence on the pricing. Tourist visas are usually cheaper than business visas. Because the application and examination process would take more time and would be more thorough.
  • Application Method: Mode of application (eVisa portal or via embassy/consulate) can vary in terms of the price charged. Online applications head the way of introducing service fee for the eVisa platform usage.

Breakdown of visa fees

  • Tourist Visa (eVisa Portal): The eVisa system charges approx. SAR 535 (Saudi Riyal) for a multi-visa tourist visa. This fee generally covers a mandatory insurance plan. This applies for the duration of your trip to Saudi Arabia and offers a basic level of medical service. Review the particular features of the covered health insurance to match your requirements.
  • Business Visa: Fees charged on business visas may differ based on the nature of visa as well as mode of processing. Research what visa type you need and check the recent information about their fees. Indeed, business visas might require you to purchase health insurance or additional travel insurance.

Additional costs to consider

  • Passport Photos: Some applications incorporate passport photos within an online process as others need physical ones submitted. Factor in the cost of obtaining passport photos that meet the specific size and format requirements as outlined by the Saudi visa authorities.
  • Courier Services: For those who need the return of the passport after the visa is issued done quickly and if they want it couriered. Therefore, additional fees will be charged for this service. If you have a limited time before traveling and desperately need your passport delivered quickly, express service can be an alternative.
  • Translation Fees: You may have to hire a certified translator to replace any non Arabic documents attached to your application. The rates for translating can be different depending on the number of words and the level of difficulty of the documents.
  • Mandatory Health Insurance (Tourist Visa): The fee of the eVisa platform for tourist visas usually includes a plan for the health insurance element. Which is mandatory in medical support during your visit. Make sure that plan covers all the points you have identified during review. Separate travel insurance might be the solution you are looking for to ensure you have the best level of coverage possible.
  • Optional Services (eVisa Portal): Such portals might also have the option of a “preferred” processing for an increased cost.

Methods of payment

In terms of payments for electronic applications through the Saudi eVisa portal, the process of payment usually becomes as easy as pressing the button and netting a very attractive user-friendly interface. Next, we describe some key points to keep in mind:

  • Accepted Payment Methods: The eVisa portal typically takes credit cards and debit cards to process the payment of the visa fee. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are the most popular payment options for payment.
  • Convenience and Security: Online payments are an alternative to filling out checks or money orders. So in this case it is a comfortable option with security in mind. The eVisa portal data is encrypted with the help of secure online payment portals.
  • Currency: The site might disclose the currency that is acceptable for payment. Often you can pay in your home currency, making the conversion to SAR at the current exchange rate.

Renewal and Extension

multiple visa saudi

A multiple visa Saudi, leads to travel opportunities and an exploration of the country to the fullest. Nevertheless, you need to know which conditions are related to the validity, extension, and the limitations.

Validity Period:

The period of validity of multiple visa Saudi usually is for one year according to the date of issuance’s date. It gives you the opportunity to possibly enter the Kingdom on several occasions within the stated n time period. While the number of visits is vital, how much time is spent during each visit is also important to consider.

The easiest way of how to check multiple visa validity is directly on the physical form of it. Generally, the expiration date is clearly expressed.

Maximum Stay Duration:

Even though the Multiple-Entry Visa exists, the maximum period of stay is determined when entering the country for the first time. The maximum stay duration would be dependent on the actual type of visa you are issued with. Usually it is a maximum of 90 days for the Tourist Visas during which visit.

Renewal process for multiple visas Saudi

However, in most cases, there is no possibility of getting a multiple-entry visa renewal for Saudi Arabia directly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Visitors usually receive a one-year visa with multiple entries permitted during the validity period. When the expiration date of the visit visa comes, you should apply for a new visa again only if you will come back to Saudi Arabia.

Extending the duration of your visa

The multiple visa extension for Saudi Arabia during a single trip is generally also not permitted. When these visas are made for multiple temporary visits, not for overstaying one trip, the total period of the validity is considered.

Here are some options depending on your situation:

  • Planning Multiple Trips: If you need to spend more time to visit Saudi Arabia, you need to cut your visit to multiple occasions within the one-year duration of the multiple-entry visa. This gives you flexibility to undertake systematic research and take it one step at a time.
  • Applying for a New Visa: Once expiry of your present multiple-entry visa, you could apply for another one extending your visits to Saudi Arabia. The application process will be like the one you went through at the beginning of the process.
  • Exploring Alternative Visa Options: For a period of time longer than ninety days, you can consider applying for different types of visas such as work permit or residence permit. Through these permits, the Saudi government will allow visitors to stay for an extended period of time. Such visas have designated criteria and procedures of filing.

It is important to check the official website of Saudi Arabia visa authorities or the respective embassy/consulate for the most up-to-date information about visa renewal, extension, and other alternative visa options available. They are the most up-to-date and can give you information that is specific to your case and your Visa type.

Tips and Advice

Getting a VISA that allows you to enter Saudi Arabia multiple times may be exhilarating because you are ready to explore the beauty of the Kingdom with its distinct culture, history, and landscapes. To ensure a smooth application experience, here are some valuable tips:

Dos and don’ts during the application process


  • Research Thoroughly: Read the specific criteria and policies that are applicable in your situation. Research the websites of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Saudi embassy or consulate in your own country to obtain this information.
  • Gather All Required Documents: Gather all documents in advance. Make sure that your papers are complete and mistake free while they adhere to the specified format. Please, verify that there are no discrepancies or any missing information that could hold the process.
  • Read Instructions Carefully: Make sure to carefully follow the application instructions as provided on the e-Visa portal or the embassy/consulate site.
  • Double-Check Everything: Before submission, ensure that all information entered as well as the documents submitted are double checked for accuracy. Make sure that everything is correct and exactly matches your passport.
  • Maintain Clear Communication: Up to the process if you have any questions or require clarification contact the eVisa portal helpdesk or corresponding embassy/consulate to address your concerns.

Do not:

  • Wait Until the Last Minute: Instantaneously starting the application procedure gives you time to react to unforeseen issues and delays which will allow you to keep visiting the country of your dreams safely enough.
  • Submit Incomplete Applications: Inaccurate or incomplete paperwork not only hinders the speed of the process but also often leads to denial of the application.
  • Neglect Passport Validity: Make sure that you have at least six months of active status of your passport from the date of your planned entry to Saudi Arabia.
  • Ignore Application Fees: The visa fee varies depending on your chosen application method so you are advised to make sure that you have the right amount of money needed.
  • Panic About Processing Times: Even though knowing the approximate period is good for planning, useless anxiety should be avoided.

Best practices for a smooth experience

  • Maintain Organized Records: Keep a number of application forms, supporting documents and any other papers you communicate with a visa authority for your future reference.
  • Utilize Online Tools: Some embassies and consulates provide online appointment scheduling tools to speed up application procedures.
  • Consider Professional Help: If you are having difficulties with your application or if you are concerned about your visa, you can seek legal services specialized on visas. They will help you through the entire process and will make sure all the things that you should satisfy are taken care of.

By adhering to these directives, guidelines, and suggestions, you will be able to greatly elevate your chances of a successful and smooth application experience for the Saudi Arabia multi-visas. This paves the avenue for a wonderful trip full of exploration and discovery of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


A multiple-entry visa opens doors to explore Saudi Arabia at your own pace, allowing you to return and discover new facets of this captivating nation.

If you have any further questions or require assistance with the specifics of your situation, do not hesitate to contact us. The visa application is a key step in your journey towards your dream of visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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