Understanding Iqama: Unveiling Its Significance

Have you ever wondered about the significance of your Iqama? The red green iqama is highly treasured by expatriates in Saudi Arabia. This important identification document determines the status of law, thereby defining your destinies in the kingdom.

In this article, we are going to discuss the details of Iqama and its red-green status along with the ways it can be deciphered. Understanding these intricacies is essential for a successful and safe expatriate voyage to Saudi Arabia. Let us explore the realm of Iqama, decipher its importance and help you venture into the residency terrain with ease.

Discover the Techniques for Verifying Iqama Red Green Status

red green iqama

Certainly, living in Saudi Arabia as an expatriate requires awareness of the Iqama and its color-coded status that is a vital detail for legal residency. Checking Iqama red or green status is an easy yet important task to remain compliant with the rules.

To check whether your Iqama is in good standing, follow these straightforward methods:

  • Absher Website or App: Check red green Iqama status using the official Absher website. Login, go to the appropriate place, and enter your information.
  • MOL Portal: You can check the status of your Iqama by visiting the Ministry of Labour’s portal. This approach is particularly helpful for those who cannot use Absher.
  • SIM Card Check: To find out about the status of your linked SIM card, visit the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) portal. This ensures you do not violate the rule that stipulates only two SIM cards per Iqama holder.

Moreover, it is important to understand the meaning of red or green Iqama. The color depicts an organization’s conformity to Saudization, a major nationalization drive. In general, a green Iqama status is an indication of good compliance, and a red status means there is room for improvement.

Finally, frequent monitoring of your Iqama status allows you to stay in the Kingdom legally without much hassle.

Discover the Steps for Checking Iqama Status Online in Saudi Arabia

Being an expatriate in Saudi Arabia entails one of the most important tasks – to check red green iqama status online periodically for peacefully living in this country. So, we will look at some simple steps for this procedure.

Check the Iqama status and expiry date without Absher

It is therefore critical to make sure that your residence permit in Saudi Arabia is valid. With or without an Absher account, you only need to use the Ministry of Labour portal to check your iqama status and expiry date. Let us delve into the simple process of maintaining your residency without any hassles.

  1. Visit the MOL Website:
    • One should visit the Ministry of Labour website (mol.gov.sa) to start the process.
    • Also, translate the language into English for better clarity.
  2. Access Individual Portal:
    • Choose “Individual Portal” to make iqama check personalized.
    • This straightforward step guarantees that you are on the road to discovering your red and green iqama status.
  3. Provide Necessary Details:
    • Provide iqama number and date of birth among other necessary information.
    • Also, provides you with accurate information about your iqama such as the expiry date.
  4. Verification and Confirmation:
    • Type in the verification code and move to the next step.
    • After that, A click on ‘next’ takes you to the process of confirming iqama expiry date without Absher account.
  5. Red Green Iqama Significance:
    • The knowledge of the red yellow green iqama status classification is essential for expatriates.
    • This colour-coding system shows whether your company complied with Saudization program, where green represents good nationalisation performance.

Finally, the process of checking iqama status without Absher is easy. Take these easy steps on the Ministry of Labour portal, maintaining a valid residency status and free from any hassle. Therefore, keep track of your red and green iqama status, as an expat in Saudi Arabia, you will have an easy time.

Checking your Iqama status and expiry date through the Absher portal

The Absher portal makes it easy to monitor your status and expiry date of the iqama in Saudi Arabia. Also, this friendly portal provides a convenient way for expatriates to be updated on their residence status.

  1. Visit the Absher Portal:
    • Open the Absher portal at absher.sa, your entryway to fuss-free red green iqama check.
    • Select the “Individuals” tab to personalize the portal.
  2. Language Preferences:
    • If you prefer to use English, adjust the language settings to enjoy an easier navigation.
    • This straightforward measure guarantees you comprehend the red or green iqama check procedure.
  3. Log in to Your Account:
    • Log in to your Absher account by entering your credentials for a personalized experience.
    • The password is what will open the door to in-depth data on your iqama, such as its expiration date.
  4. Query Iqama Expiry Service:
    • For a full red yellow green iqama status check, go to the “Query Iqama Expiry Service” option.
    • Just type in your iqama number, and you will have all the information you need at your disposal.

To sum up, making use of the Absher portal guarantees that checking your iqama status and expiry date is easy.

See how to check Iqama using the Absher App

With the Absher App, checking your Iqama status becomes easier if you own a smartphone.

  • Download the App: Go to your mobile’s App store, search for the Absher App and download it.
  • Log in: Launch the App, log in with your ID/password and enter the OTP received.

Explore your Iqama details:

  • Go to “My Services” menu and click on ‘profile’ to view your Iqama details conveniently.
  • The App shows detailed information, your Iqama expiration date and other related data.

With the help of technology, the Saudi government wants to offer expatriates with accessible tools for handling their Iqama. Also, this shows a determination to simplify processes and improve the overall quality of life for residents in the Kingdom.

When you are using the Absher App to check your Iqama, you may ask yourself about the purpose of color status. Indeed, the red green Iqama indicator is not only a measure of permit validity but also serves as an indication that a company is in compliance with Saudization.

The color status is essential to understand. If the Iqama is green, it means that satisfactory Saudization compliance has been achieved by the company which implies an average level of nationalization within the company. However, an average green Iqama means there is room for improvement in enhancing nationalization efforts.

On the other hand, a low green Iqama means that Saudization levels are relatively lower and thus calls for the company to focus on hiring more Saudi nationals. So, by frequently monitoring your Iqama status through the Absher App, you get an idea about the validity period of your permit and also on how nationalization policies are implemented in your workplace.

Can you check the Iqama status for your dependents?

red green iqama

As far as checking the red green Iqama status for dependents is concerned, most expatriates in Saudi Arabia are worried. However, the monitoring of your Iqama status is a simple process but it differs for dependents.

  • Dependent Iqama Status:
    • Sadly, verifying the dependents’ Iqama status is not as simple as verifying your own.
    • The system focuses more on the sponsor’s Iqama status than that of his or her dependents.

When considering the red green Iqama for dependents, it is crucial to understand that:

  • Dependency on Sponsor:
    • The dependency of dependents is also closely related to the sponsor’s Iqama status.
    • The indirect way of ensuring the state of dependents is through monitoring a sponsor’s situation.

Expatriates, therefore, have to conduct their own Iqama checks and ensure timely renewals in order to remain within the right of law for legal residency. Moreover, though the system does not immediately give visibility of dependents’ statuses, knowing the sponsor’s position ensures an uninterrupted expatriate process for the family.

To wrap up, even though there is no direct process of checking the red green Iqama status for dependents, keeping the sponsor’s position clean guarantees the welfare and legality of all family members in Saudi Arabia.

How to do the Iqama check by border number

It is easy to check the color status of your Iqama using the border number. Here is a quick guide:

  • Access the MOL’s Iqama Portal:
    • The red green Iqama check is started by accessing the MOL’s Iqama portal.
    • Go to the “Services > Inquiry > non-Saudi employee inquiry” section.
  • Simple Steps to Retrieve Information:
    • On the MOL’s portal, enter your Border Number in the appropriate field.
    • Enter the verification code and click search to get an immediate Iqama color status.

In essence, through using your border number, expatriates can easily be aware of the color status for their Iqama which helps with a clear picture on how the Saudization is taking place in Saudi Arabia.

Understanding how to do Iqama check SIM

Living and working in Saudi Arabia involves not only tracking the validity of your iqama but also checking if your mobile communication is consistent with your residence. So, here is a straightforward guide on performing an iqama check SIM:

  • Linking SIM to Iqama:
    • Your iqama acts as a bridge to getting a SIM card in Saudi Arabia.
    • Make sure your SIM card is tied to your iqama for easy communication.
  • Maximum SIM Limit:
    • If you are an iqama holder, you can have two SIM cards registered at a time.
    • This restriction guarantees that you can limit the number of SIMs linked to your stay.
  • Checking SIMs Through CITC:
    • Go to the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) portal.
    • Please enter your iqama number, date of birth, mobile number and verification code to check the linked SIMs.
  • SIM Check Through SMS:
    • Or text your mobile operator to find out how many SIM cards are attached with your iqama.
    • Additionally, this fast process gives you immediate information about the connected SIM cards.

The knowledge on how to carry out an iqama check SIM is essential for the maintenance of communication in Saudi Arabia while complying with the residency laws. Therefore, stay up-to-date; control your SIMs and enjoy a connected expat life.

Iqama Status: Decoding the Red-Green Indicator

An expatriate in Saudi Arabia should understand the red green Iqama indicator. This coding system is crucial in terms of a person’s residence status.

  • Color-Coded Significance:
    • The red green Iqama system is a category for private companies, indicating their level of Saudization.
    • Moreover, it is a very important component of the Nitaqat program, for it defines how well a firm has performed in its nationalization.

Decoding the red or green Iqama status provides valuable insights into the following:

  • Nationalization Performance:
    • Green Iqama: Shows a Saudization compliant and high nationalization performance firm.
    • Red Iqama: Implies an increased need for improvement in Saudization standards, thus a poor nationalization performance.

In general, knowing whether they are red, yellow or green helps employees to determine the level of commitment by their companies towards nationalization.

Finally, the red green Iqama indicator is an essential tool for both employees and employers. So, it helps in determining the Saudization compliance within a company thus enabling expatriates to make rational decisions on where they should work in Saudi Arabia.


To sum up, the importance of the red green Iqama is crucial to expatriates living in Saudi Arabia. This color-coded system intertwines into the fibers of residency regulations.

In general, the red green Iqama indicator can provide an understanding of how well expatriates’ company is following the Saudization standards. Indeed, the red Iqama represents weaknesses and a green Iqama is an indicator of good performance in nationalization.

Additionally, ensuring that you are updated with your Iqama status contributes to legal conformity and easy living in Saudi Arabia. The expatriates are reminded to check their Iqama regularly and renew it as soon as possible in order to make easy life in the Kingdom.

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