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Saudi Arabia is one of the most important states in the Middle East, attracting thousands and thousands of persons every passing year. Most foreigners tend to obtain employment contracts to work in Saudi companies. However, other foreigners find Saudi Arabia suitable for their business objectives. Nevertheless, in both of these cases, foreigners seek tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia.

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know about tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia. Many foreigners do not know what PRO services are. After all, these services are not commonly known for foreigners that are just opening a business here. We will cover:

  1. What is a PRO?
  2. What does a PRO do specifically?
  3. Qualifications for a PRO
  4. PRO services we offer for you in Saudi Arabia
  5. How can we help you seek PRO services in Saudi Arabia?

What is a PRO?

Before talking about these types of business services, we must first understand what PRO means. In simple terms, PRO means Public Relations Officers. In that same line of thought, PRO services in Saudi Arabia refer to a company or individual that provides these services to companies.

Now, what purpose do PRO services serve in a company? Tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia are any activities related to document processing for a company. These are a necessity since Saudi Arabia is constantly changing its economic and commercial systems. This means that entrepreneurs and businesses deal regularly with many governmental departments and judicial authorities.

In other words, you will require good tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia to get assistance through all authorities-related requirements. Even though Saudi Arabia makes document-clearing services user-friendly, conciliation is extensive sometimes. Moreover, foreigners tend to have a hard time understanding Saudi Arabia´s rules and regulations. Additionally, currency changes and Arabic-translated documents make foreigners require PRO services for assistance.

On the other hand, PRO services in Saudi Arabia help you with documentation and clearing services. Moreover, they also help you complete any procedures that a government body requires of your business. Also, with PRO services, you can fulfill any requirements from the Saudi immigration embassy in your country. Lastly, they also help you to set up a company in Saudi Arabia smoothly as possible, ensuring its operations run successfully.

What does a PRO do specifically?

Now, you know what a Public Relationships Officer is and what they generally do. However, many foreigners wonder what they specifically do. A PRO works in the public-facing communications of their client´s business or organization. In these organizations, they tend to occupy administrative and executive positions, working with other public relations specialists.

Moreover, they also can work for private companies as well as non-profit organizations or public institutions (governments and schools). They can also offer consultation services for their clients on a contract basis. Additionally, they also interact with the press and the public on behalf of the business they work for. They can and will handle the following tasks:

Establish communication goals

Public Relations Officers establish how much can the client have with the press and the public as well as the type of communication. Tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia allow a foreigner to be transparent with the public. This also allows them to plan the public they communicate with and the tone of the conversation. PRO services in Saudi Arabia are good if the client wants to improve their public image.

Assess their company’s or client´s public image

This is considered one of the most common Tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia. PRO can examine polls as well as read reviews and monitor their client´s online presence. This way, they can determine the public image of the business or organization. Moreover, a public relations officer can review previous press releases and public events of their clients to determine how the client handled them in the past.

Thanks to this assessment, they can control and decide what the best way to proceed is to maintain their public image or change it if necessary. This is the most common work a PRO does since companies constantly seek to improve their brand recognition. This makes a PRO good since they provide unique insight and give recommendations.

Develop press releases

Another main service that a PRO provides to your company is to develop press releases. They can write them, meaning they write the documents that an organization shares with the press to inform about the company´s actions and new initiatives. Moreover, the organization can determine the contents and subject of the press release.

However, the PRO still has the responsibility of choosing the wording and tone of the press release. That way, they can present the information as appropriately as they can.

Write speeches

Lastly, another one of the main tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia is to write speeches. If the client needs to give a speech at a conference or the press, the PRO can write that speech. As with the development of press releases, the client chooses the subject of the speech. However, the PRO has the responsibility of using their understanding of phrasing and public perception to write a speech that gives the desired perception that the company wants.

In addition to this, the PRO can define whether or not the client gives a speech to change the public’s perception.

Qualifications for a PRO


One of the main factors you should seek in tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia is good education. Most PROs have a bachelor´s degree in media, public relations, or communication journalism. Furthermore, it is also common for PROs to pursue an advanced career position so they can earn a master´s degree in public relations.


Another qualification foreigners seek in PRO services in Saudi Arabia is experience. Public Relation Officers without experience tend to work as interns while they get their degrees, allowing them to be pretty experienced once they graduate. PROs with experience can also apply for other jobs such as event managers.

Additionally, with enough experience, tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia bring familiarity with the media and other duties.


Another qualification to seek in tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia is to get a PRO with strong written and verbal communication skills. They can communicate with internal contacts such as team members and other company departments. Furthermore, they can ensure that all communication is conveyed as clearly as possible with the respective objectives.

In addition to this, good communication skills allow them to talk with the public and develop a positive image for the company. They tend to communicate with direct dialogue, public speaking written documents, etc. They do this via press releases, emails, and social media posts and interactions.


In some cases, tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia overlap with marketing services. For these reasons, public relations officers need to understand both public relations and marketing for their clients. Moreover, they can work collaboratively with the company´s marketing team on leadership. Also, they can monitor the organization´s marketing activity to ensure a positive public impression.

Conflict resolution

There are some cases for PRO services in Saudi Arabia, where the PRO´s client has a conflict with a 3rd party or any internal employee. In those cases, PROs help their clients to find workable solutions that bring satisfaction to both parties. Since they understand the public perception as well as know about marketing, they help their clients minimize public attention. This way, the organization can positively leave each of these situations.

PRO services we offer for you in Saudi Arabia

Across this article, we have been talking about tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia in a public relations-related manner. However, as we previously mentioned, these also help foreigners with document-related situations. This includes business setup, immigration services, etc. Here are the main PRO services we offer to our clients:

Document preparation

One of our main tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia is related to official documentation preparation. This is severely beneficial to you since to complete several procedures in Saudi Arabia, you will need to do them with several government authorities. Our specialist agents can help you prepare official documentation. This implies:

  • Drafting the initial documents.
  • Translating the documents to or from the Arabic language if you need it.
  • Attesting the documentation.
  • Getting the documents properly notarized.

In addition to this, you might be wondering what documents we can prepare for you. Among the documents that usually require attention from our PRO services in Saudi Arabia are:

  • Personal documentation. This includes ID, passport, birth certificates, marriage certificates, education certificates, diplomas, and health certificates.
  • Any type of contract. This includes employment, commercial, business, lease or rental, and purchase agreement contracts.
  • Any type of paperwork related to obtaining several types of visas in Saudi Arabia.
  • Company incorporation papers such as Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

In addition to this, thanks to our tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia you can renew the documentation with us. That way, you do not have to worry about administrative matters since you can easily resolve these problems with the help of our professionals.

Saudi immigration

Foreigners that want to immigrate to Saudi Arabia need a Saudi residence permit (also known as Iqama). This is the main document required to legally reside in Saudi Arabia. Thankfully, with our tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia, you can obtain it as well as have multi-level assistance.

Mainly, we can advise you on the required personal documents to prepare. You can even send them to us with an email if you are not in the country at the time you need to file them. Once you do so, we will handle their translation, attestation, and filing with the respective government authorities. Consequently, once you arrive in Saudi Arabia, all necessary procedures will be completed. This means that you only have to pick them up.

Moreover, with our PRO services in Saudi Arabia, you can rely on our lawyers´ support. With their support, you will be able to apply for the right type of visa. You will also be capable of obtaining assistance to relocate to this country based on investor visas.

This service is important since this type of residence permit requires more documents. However, with thorough diligence, you can meet the financial requirements as well as account properly in terms of paperwork.

Business setup

Lastly, our tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia can help you with business setup procedures. In Saudi Arabia, starting a company is similar to starting one in a Western country. Nevertheless, one of the main aspects to incorporate a legal entity in Saudi Arabia is to translate foreign documents. This is required to do before filing them with the Trade Register.

Thankfully, with our professional service, we can draft the Memorandum and Articles of Association for any business form. Next, we submit them for them to get approved and for the Incorporation Certificate to be issued. Moreover, we also help you handle the corporate bank account setup as well as offer support to apply for the necessary business licenses. All of this is done according to the objective of the activity you select.

Our PRO services in Saudi Arabia imply that you will receive guidance to establish a domestic business. In addition to this, you will also receive support for the expansion of foreign companies via branch offices in Saudi Arabia. Simply put, our company formation agents in Saudi Arabia provide more information so you know the essential steps of company registration based on your needs.

How can we help you seek PRO services in Saudi Arabia?

After all this information, you might still have problems finding a good PRO service provider for your company. That is where we, as a company, come in to save you. With our professionals and our services, you will receive the guidance you seek regarding tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, we also offer a plethora of other services such as immigration services, legal and accounting services, business setup services, etc.

Over time, our specialists can offer these tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia for you and your company. Through these services, we established long-term connections with our clients. Moreover, you can benefit from these services; it does not matter whether you are immigrating to Saudi Arabia or if you have already come to this country.

Are you interested in knowing more about tailored PRO services in Saudi Arabia or other services? If you require guidance or help for your business, feel free to contact us at +971 58 515 8876. You can also email us at In this way, our professionals will be able to help you obtain answers to every single question you may have.

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