Saudi Labor Law: Private Sector Vacation Leave Policies

Employment in Saudi Arabia has several advantages that you can enjoy, such as an excellent income and exciting job opportunities. However, it will also allow you to have some time off work. Indeed, you can learn about it by assessing the Saudi Labor Law Vacation Leave in 2022.

In this article, you will find interesting information regarding the vacation and leave policy in Saudi labor law. Furthermore, it will show you how to perform your leave salary calculation in KSA and more. Hence, come and plan your resting days after reviewing the following topics:

Saudi Arabia Leave Laws

Saudi Labor Law Vacation Leave

Indeed, your excitement is unimaginable after receiving the news of beginning a new job in accounting services in Saudi Arabia. However, you cannot start without learning about some aspects related to KSA as your new workplace in the Middle East. Let us review them in detail.

Above all, every employee in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should study the Saudi labor law regarding vacation leave. As a result, everyone will know provisions such as maternity leave in KSA. But what regulations establish aspects like leave pay and duration in the country?

Authorities in Saudi Arabia use the labor law to regulate employment in all industries countrywide. Indeed, the law is a royal decree of 2005 and dictates rules regarding employment contracts and dismissal settlements. By all odds, it also contains paragraphs related to your annual vacation.

On the other hand, you could find additional regulations besides the Saudi labor law vacation leave in 2022. After all, your company in KSA could have a work schedule that includes working during specific holidays. Nonetheless, it will influence your Saudi labor law vacation pay.

In summary, learning about the Saudi labor law vacation leave in 2022 involves assessing the labor law in detail today. Nevertheless, we can help you by addressing the types of leaves mentioned in the regulation. So, is it not vacation leave the only one?


One of the first aspects related to Saudi labor law vacation leave in 2021 is the national holidays. In this sense, the labor law in KSA specifies holidays as resting days for employees in the country. Furthermore, it allows you to get overtime pay by working during one.

So, how many holidays does Saudi Arabia have? The answer is a famous unlucky number: Thirteen. Indeed, they include the Founding Day (22 February), Eid al-Fitr (from 21 to 26 April), and the Saudi National Day (23 September). But what more do you need to know about this?

Another aspect of Saudi labor law vacation leave in 2022 is that you can enjoy an additional holiday if you work for the public sector. After all, if you provide immigration services in a federal institution, you can take an extra day off due to the Founding Day (23 February).

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that elements like your Saudi labor law vacation pay could change because of holidays. Indeed, the vacation pay calculation in Saudi Arabia depends on your basic salary, which can increase after working during holidays. In other words, more work, more money.

In short, holidays are an integral part of the vacation and leave policy in Saudi labor law. More specifically, regulations consider them as mandatory resting days for all employees. Remember this during your annual vacation with your friends and family.


Imagine your vacation leave is around the corner, and you want to keep working during a part of your leave days. By all odds, your employer in the payroll services firm will embrace your motivation. But will it modify anything regarding your vacation day calculation in Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi labor law regarding vacation leave indicates that the days we mentioned will be accrued days. However, they do not modify your Saudi labor law vacation pay or leave salary calculation in KSA. So, where will you see the difference because of them?

In this sense, the paragraphs related to the Saudi labor law vacation leave in 2022 establish that your accrued days will alter your compensation pay. Indeed, Article 111 indicates that your employer must pay you the wage of these days if you leave your work.

Moreover, the labor law in KSA also establishes a similar provision regarding accrued days generated from working during your weekly resting days. As a result, your employer must compensate you for it without leaving your week without at least one resting day.

So, your leave salary calculation in KSA will be the same regardless of your plan of working during your annual vacation. Nonetheless, you could also need leave days if your family is growing. What does the labor law say about them today?

Maternity Leave, Child Raising Leave, and Parental Leave

Above all, we must congratulate you if what we address here applies to your case. By all odds, seeing your family grow is one of the best feelings in life, even with an outstanding job in a legal services firm. So, let us analyze paternity and maternity leave in KSA.

During your assessment of the Saudi labor law vacation leave in 2022, you will notice that maternity leave in KSA involves a fully paid period of 10 weeks. More importantly, the law allows every mother to distribute such weeks at her discretion. But what if she needs additional off-work time?

In this sense, regulations allow mothers to extend their maternity leave in KSA if necessary. More specifically, they can be off-work for one additional month if their child is sick or has special needs that require a constant companion. Besides, this extra month of leave is also fully paid.

But what about the father? Well, paternity leave in Saudi Arabia is substantially shorter than maternity leave. Indeed, Saudi labor law allows fathers to take a fully paid day of leave to attend their child’s birth. Unfortunately, they must return to work the day after with the required documentation.

In summary, maternity leave in KSA will allow you to see your family grow in an excellent place like the Middle East. Moreover, working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will give you the income you need to provide your child with all he needs. So, again, congratulations!

Sick Leave

Working from a virtual office in Saudi Arabia can be exciting from several vantage points today. However, you may have days in which your body does not function the way you want to. In this sense, we will show you everything about the Saudi labor law sick leave.

First, it is essential to highlight that you should not ask for a Saudi labor law sick leave for a small pump with your door. After all, the labor law states that you must confirm your illness with a medical certificate.

An expert in Saudi labor law vacation leave in 2022 will tell you that your Saudi labor law sick leave can be 90 days per year. Moreover, regulations establish that your employer must fully pay your first 30 days of sick leave. But what happens during the remaining days?

On the contrary, employees in Saudi Arabia will receive three-quarters of their wages during the remaining 60 days of their Saudi labor law sick leave. Lastly, you and your employer must negotiate your situation if your sick leave extends beyond 90 days in a year.

So, we hope you do not have health issues while you enjoy the advantages of working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Nonetheless, the Saudi labor law sick leave will allow you to recover without losing your job. After all, we know you do not want to be sick.

Jury Duty Leave and Voting Leave

Saudi Labor Law Vacation Leave

During our assessment of the Saudi labor law vacation leave in 2022, we went from your annual vacation to maternity leave in KSA. However, activities such as jury duty and voting also require you to have a day off work. So, what does the Saudi labor law say about them?

Unfortunately, your analysis of the Saudi labor law vacation leave in 2021 will not find any paragraph related to jury duty leave or voting leave. First, you must remember that Saudi Arabia is a Kingdom ruled by a hereditary king. Hence, Saudi citizens see elections as a rare procedure.

On the other hand, the Saudi labor law does not include paragraphs related to jury duty leave because of the justice system in the country. Indeed, it operates without a jury system. Instead, government authorities handle judicial decisions of every legal branch.

However, your company can have additional regulations to the vacation and leave policy in Saudi labor law. For instance, they can allow you a specific leave to vote in your country’s elections if you are a foreign citizen. Assuredly, we doubt such leave will be more than two days.

That is it! We finished addressing the Saudi labor law vacation leave in 2022. Above all, we recommend learning about other aspects of employment in KSA. Fortunately, you can find assistance to achieve it by calling us at Saudi Company Formation.


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